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Popular Question From Clients

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.
What is spec?
Professional SEO reports and web tools software designed to help you improve the content, quality, and performance of websites.
What is the seo rapport tool ?
Detailed reports that enable you to identify the most critical technical SEO issues and take action to improve the health and performance of your website.
What web tools and utilities spec have ?
Over 20 web tools and utilities that can be used to explore SEO opportunities, perform various research tasks, and improve your website’s content.
How can I handle many web pages from one website ?

You  can create projects, and add all links you want to test or you can submit the sitemap and automatically will create a project with the name of domain of the project

What currency are your prices in?
We show four currencies: USD, EUR, MAD
Do you offer discounts or free trials?
We never run discounts. But if you can get a lifetime free subscription for “Demo plan”
What payment methods do you offer?
We are currently running a demo for Spec, the payment for all plans will be available within 60day, no worry if you want to get upgraded plan after testing the demo plan, you can contact our support team.
Are there any contracts or setup fees?
There are no contracts or setup fees. You can switch your plans or cancel subscription at any time.
How can I switch my plan?
Upgrade or downgrade your account anytime by contacting our support team. Upgrades take effect immediately, while downgrades and cancellations become effective at the end of your current billing period.
How can I cancel my plan?

Cancel your plan anytime by contacting our support team

How can I switch to annual billing?

Please contact our support team at support@withspec.co

What is your refund policy?
For monthly subscriptions, you have 72 hours after the transaction to request a refund. We reserve the right to decline requests if there has been active usage of your account within this time.

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